Rusty Spurr Ranch Horseback Rides: Get ready to “Get Outta Line”!

Tired of the nose-to-tail horseback rides on vacation? At the Rusty Spurr Ranch, our guests and horses have more freedom to explore. There are many things that make our adventures different from the typical trail rides. First of all, we encourage our guests to “Get Outta Line” and ride off-trail with their guide wherever the terrain allows. Everyone has done the mundane single-file trail rides and we wanted to offer something different. Our well-trained horses and professional guides create the perfect experience where guests learn to communicate and navigate their horses while riding through aspen groves, wildflower meadows, and mountaintops. Next, we are centrally located between Winter Park, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs resorts and we ride on a private ranch. No disturbing noises from ATV’s, bikes, or barking dogs here- it’s just our guests meandering the peaceful mountain meadows and trails while enjoying incredible views of the Continental Divide and surrounding ranges. Also, each of our wranglers has a strong equestrian background and must pass a lengthy interview and training period to guide rides. We put safety first and then have a whole lotta fun! Lastly, we take great pride in our horses. We own them, not lease them, and they are meticulously cared for from head to hoof. None of our horses work more than 4 hours in a single day and they are turned out every night to be free to graze and play with the herd on 2,000 acres. We also match each horse to their rider according to height, weight, and riding ability so that each guest can have a more customized experience. If you are looking for a unique horseback adventure, consider visiting the Rusty Spurr Ranch where we love what we do!

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